List Of All The Best Over The Range Microwaves That You Can Choose

A microwave can be a kitchen must have. Over-the-range microwaves (or even OTR microwaves) are all microwaves which might be installed on your own cooker. As an alternative to a counter microwave, the unit up counter space and also to give a kitchen a tidy, compact appearance.

Unlike countermodels, OTR microwaves aren’t portable, and they feature a much greater price: Nevertheless they also provide assembled exhaust fans, that function as a Stove Top venting system to get rid of steam, smoke, and cooking aromas.

An over-the-range microwave chooses the area of an array hood, and most construction codes demand a ventilation system to be set up within a kitchen stove but bear at heart that an over-the-range microwave venting system on average won’t port together with an array hood.

It might be overwhelming to sifting through each of the information on over-the-range micro-waves to work out which version is ideal for you personally. That is the reason why the Good Housekeeping Institute Appliances Laboratory has completed the job for you.

Pulling from within a hundred years of experience analyzing appliances out of toaster-ovens into atmosphere fryers and outside, we narrowed the monumental field to 2-2 micro-waves and set them through a variety of evaluations within 2 months, such as cutting off cheese, defrosting 44 lbs of earth beed, baking 8 8 celery, popping popcorn, and reheating a dinner dish.

In addition, we assess how easy each item is touse, scoring everything from the controller panel, and also the awake tones into the helpfulness of this consumer manual, ability to track food consumption in the microwave, and also ease of cleanup.

Last, after considering each products’ price, warranty, many of us attribute, we consider the dozens to discover the ideal OTR micro-waves available on the marketplace. Listed below are the top choices:

Over-the-Range Microwave



Besides an astonishing 10-year limited warranty, Samsung’s micro-waves additionally come built-in four fingerprint-resistant endings, has amazing benefits, also features an extremely inexpensive price tag. It sports 1.8 cubic feet of cooking space, sensor cooking, and nine pre-set cook styles, the capacity to disable both the glass turntable, along with child locks.

The producer claims that the ceramic ion interior is scratch-resistant and easy to wash and reviewers state it’s simple to put in, too. Additionally, it is our very best value pick due to its affordable budget.

Over-the-Range Low-profile Microwave Hood Combination



This noninvasive version from Whirl-pool is just 10 1/4 -inches tall, however, a very low profile doesn’t equal low functionality. The 1.1 cubic foot microwave system also includes a remarkable 1000 g, sensor cooking, also A400 CFM ventilation system with four fan speeds, and also a nonstick interior for easy cleanup: you may continue to have the ability to match a 9 x-ray 13-inch noodle dish along with 4-cup measuring cup indoors.

We enjoy its own slick design, that hides the control panel (however, maybe perhaps not the clock) supporting the entranceway and its own five finishes, including a posh Sun Set bronze.


1.1 cu.

Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

A convection over-the-range microwave functions as either a normal microwave and a little oven. If you reside within an RV or you are just on the marketplace for a microwave that could bake, roast, also even broil, you are going to want to have a look at this convection microwave from Sharp.

It will come in 2 sizes (1.1 cubic feet plus 1.5 cubic feet)and includes eleven power preferences, eight detector apps, and also a range-illuminating workout light which means that you may better determine what’s cooking on the scope below. Remember that some reviewers don’t whine about heating gathering behind glass.

  • Multi-functional abilities to substitute Extra appliances
  • multiple power settings and dimensions alternatives


Over-the-Range Microwave



Additionally, it will come with its trademark”space shrewd stand,” a 2 flat cooking system that enables you to cook a lot more than 1 thing at one time. If that is not enough to enjoy, then, in addition, it comes with an on-trend black metal finish.


In spite of an astonishing 2.1 cubic feet of living space, GE’s 1050 watt microwave fits neatly into a 30 Inch spacious cabinet opening. Its unique feature is that your Chef Connect blue tooth work that joins with a GE scope to twist on the outside lights and also keep the clocks in sync.

It’s built with ten power levels and also a four-speed 400CFM ventilation system also. Reviewers love its slick design but mention that the precise positioning of this controller panel ensures it really is significantly influenced by heat and steam from range cooking compared to side-paneled models.



It’s tough to discover a microwave with more custom features compared to the GE that combines light, microwave energy, and authentic European convection. GE asserts these technologies interact to present the specific amount and variety of heat the meal should cook food faster than at a traditional oven.

This 1.7 cubic foot microwave also includes 175 pre-programmed menu collections and the skill to truly save upto 30 habit recipe times. Reviewers like the control panel are backlit and the 2 removable convection cooking racks and that means that you can cook more than 1 thing at one time.

  • Tremendous Array of custom and Pre Set cook occasions
  • Authentic European convection for quick, even cooking

Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

Its distinguishable feature, however, is its own Extendavent, a drawer that may pullout to grow the ventilation capacities. Additionally, it includes”easy-clean” technology to produce wiping spots simple, a power-saving feature, ten power levels, and also a melt/soften role that bakers may cherish.

Reviewers’ sole criticism is that the loud and incessant beeping which follows after the meal is finished cooking.

What to Consider in an over-the-range microwave

The littlest over-the-range microwave is produced to suit over a 24-inch selection and the largest within a 30 Inch stove (helpfully, all these may also be the exact very same widths of the conventional double-door chimney). “cubic-feet” identifies the sum of space within a microwave, but bear in mind that much of this distance originates from the elevation.

Height is generally just crucial in case you’ve got a convection microwave oven and also would like to cook two racks. Low profile models that possess lesser footage (1.1 to 1.5) will fit tall eyeglasses broad plates only nice.

Wattage compatible cooking electrical strength as well as for a normal sensor cooking microwave, then you are going to want to start looking to get a microwave using 900 1000 wattage. Any lesser and also the cooking period will probably be reduced and also the best OTR microwaves could have a problem heating evenly. Remember that OTR micro-waves with high wattage are normally more costly because they are stronger.

Pre-programmed settings simply take the guesswork from their cooking time. Common task buttons (for instance, popcorn, add one moment ( soften, and melt), and also automatic shut-off defrost might be hugely beneficial. A glass turntable that protects so it’s possible to cook casseroles can also be a wonderful feature to have in a convection oven.

Sensor settings find the vapor being discharged from the foodstuff and mechanically adjust the cooking times and power so. This usually means that you’re not as prone to overcook the meal or wind up getting a food burst, and you’re going to save cooking time and so energy.

Control-panel: if you’re briefer, then you might love a control panel that runs over the base of the microwave in contrast to alongside it. To get a glossy appearance, a few models have controller panels hidden beneath the doors. Yet another great feature to search for is the one which divides and that means that you are able to use the kitchen light.