The 10 Best YouTube Alternatives for 2021

YouTube Alternatives: Why You Should Look

It’s nearly impossible to prevent video streaming websites using tracking. They all collect aggregated data in order to improve their services or to use cookies to collect data for market purposes. They may also share this data with their partners. Almost all will share your information when necessary, such as to fight fraud or when requested by law enforcement agencies.

Google also does this, so why would you even bother searching for YouTube alternatives?

By giving Google more data you’re helping to create a more precise ‘user profile. While the alternatives may serve ads, they won’t have more data than what you provide with your profile.

You are stuck in the filter bubble’. Google believes it understands what you are looking for and will show you search results that match your preferences and profile. You should not leave any other information beyond your ‘filter bubble.
Broaden your horizons. YouTube is not the only place to find high-quality videos. TED is a great place to find new ideas for your scientific projects. You might also enjoy old movies that aren’t available anywhere else. Then check out the Internet Archive.

We’ve narrowed our selection to the top 10 websites that are similar to YouTube. These are the top alternatives to YouTube we believe are worth your time. For more best alternatives take a look at


Vimeo was created by filmmakers. It’s not surprising that it’s a popular platform for creative people. Vimeo is used by everyone, from musicians to video producers and photographers to ad agencies and musicians. This platform is not for you if you are looking for funny cat videos.

It is user-friendly and surpasses YouTube in quality. The high-quality videos (4K Ultra HD) can also make content creators extra money. Vimeo is also free of ads and features a community that allows users to comment, follow channels and share videos via their social media accounts. This is one of the best places to upload videos.

2. DTube

DTube, one of the most privacy-focused video platforms is still somewhat like YouTube. It is completely decentralized. This means that DTube videos don’t get uploaded or streamed from a single centralized server like YouTube. Its content is all stored on blockchain. It makes it difficult for hackers to alter video content. Your personal data is unlikely to leak. The platform is controlled by the community.

DTube doesn’t show you ads or recommend algorithms. It supports free speech (the content can be monitored by the community) and all content creators have the chance to make cryptocurrency revenue. It’s very similar to YouTube so YouTubers who are devoted will not have any trouble moving to this platform. Upload videos without fear of being tampered with? DTube is the best choice.

3. Internet Archives Video Section

This is an archive of documentaries, movies, and videos you won’t find elsewhere. You can search videos by year and language as well as topic and subject. Upload your videos too. This is a great YouTube alternative for students.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe, a basic video platform, is older than YouTube. It hosts many videos that can be up to 90 seconds long, and they are not as good as other platforms. They do however ensure that Metacafe does not have duplicate videos.

This is a great YouTube alternative if you are looking for product reviews, funny videos, or quick how tos. It works in the same way as YouTube and categorizes videos according to entertainment, news, TV, sports, videogames, and movies. You can also subscribe to channels and view other playlists.

5. 9GAG TV

9GAG has become a popular platform for social media users and anyone looking for funny and short videos. This platform is loved by Twitter and Facebook users because it has tons of GIFs, memes and other photos that they can share to their friends. It’s easy to search for what you want because the content is categorised.

6. Dailymotion

Dailymotion has 112 million monthly viewers and is one the largest YouTube rivals. While some say it is as close to YouTube as it gets, others refer to it as the ‘darker and less successful’ brother of YouTube. It has the same layout, great interface, search bar and similar content categories as YouTube.

Dailymotion is a popular choice for its high-quality videos. Dailymotion lets users upload up to 4GB of content at 1080p resolution, while YouTube tends compress them. All videos can only be 20 minutes long.

7. Vevo

If you are only interested in music videos, is a great alternative to YouTube . Vevo has a large selection of high-quality music videos, including those from Sony Music Entertainment as well as Universal Music Group. You can view the latest hits, or browse other clips that have been grouped together by an artist.

8. Twitch

Twitch is a video hosting platform that’s well-known in the gaming community. It allows users to upload or ‘live broadcast their gameplay. It can also be used as a social networking site where users can share game tips and interact directly with others.

9. TED

TED, a well-known non-profit organization that holds conferences around the globe, is one of the best YouTube alternatives for those looking for knowledge. The majority of lectures are recorded and the videos can be viewed on Ted’s website. It currently has more than 3000 talks that cover everything, from technology and business to design or global issues. This is a great place to find new ideas and learn new things.

10. Crackle

Crackle is a Sony Picture Entertainment-founded site. This makes it the best place for original TV shows and older Hollywood movies. You will find well-known movies like Animal House, Paranormal Activity, Rudy, and many more. Crackle features video from many established production houses like Columbia Pictures, Funimation Films and Tri-star Pictures.