League of Legends: Guide For Begginers

This is our League of Legends beginner’s guide. We’ll be covering the basics of how LoL works.

This guide is perfect for anyone who wants to play the game or just downloaded it.

We felt it was a great time to publish this guide, as many people are downloading League for TFT for the first time and may want to continue playing.

1. What is League of Legends?

League of Legends, also known as a MOBA, is an online multiplayer battle arena. It is currently one of most popular esports and one of its best-known games.

Ten players split up into two teams of five to play League. They battle it out on Summoner’s Rift, a map that is called Summoner’s Rift.

Each player controls a single champion, which is a character that each of them controls. Also, there are mmr league of legends.

What does it mean to be a champion?

Each match of a League of Legends has ten players. One champion is chosen.

There are currently more than 140 champions, with new ones added all the time.

Each champion is unique and has their own abilities and special playstyles.

Each team selects champions before a game at champ select begins.

As you work together to build champion teams, there are many strategies. (More on this later).

Each game can be very different because every champion has their own gameplan and feel.

How can you win?

LoL’s ultimate goal is to destroy the base of the other team, but that’s not an easy task.

Your enemies will do anything to destroy your base and kill you.

There are a number of turrets on each base, as well as waves of minions that spawn at will.

You would most likely die if you tried to run straight towards the enemy base when you started a game. Not only because your enemy team would want to stop you, but also because your body may be too weak to continue.

League is a sort of role-playing game (RPG), which takes place in a short time.

You start at level 1. As you gain experience and earn gold, you will become stronger and be able to purchase items.

Both teams continue to grow in power, and eventually collide. One team eventually wins and takes the victory.

What is Summoner’s Rift?

This is the standard map used by professionals and where you would be if your goal was to climb the ranks.

There are many maps in League. But for now, we’ll be focusing on Summoner’s Rift because that’s where you’ll most likely spend your time.

These are the basic details of the Summoner’s Rift Map:

There are two teams with five players. The blue team is located at the bottom left corner and the red team at the top right corner.

One team must destroy the Nexus of the opposing team to win. This is their core base.

Matches will see minions spawning from each base’s Nexus, and then proceeding through the three lanes (the graphic below shows the paths).

These three lanes are called top, middle, and bot lane. There are turrets within each of the three lanes that can attack enemy champions or minions. Summoners should destroy at least one lane, then destroy any towers that guard a Nexus.


Turrets & Inhibitors

Players get gold for destroying turrets or other structures called inhibitors. This allows minion waves to push through the lanes (since there aren’t any turrets that could stop them).

Inhibitors are structures behind the first turrets within a base. After an inhibitor is destroyed, super minions (also known as Super Minions) will spawn and remain until the inhibitor respawns. The Super Minions can be used by a team to take down a base that was difficult to attack. This will give them the opportunity to push for victory.

The Fountain and Shop

You’ll start each game at your fountain. Your fountain is where you will respawn if you die, and your shop is there. Your fountain can be accessed at any moment during a game for healing or purchasing items. You can use the Recall ability, which is available to all summoners. However, you should be cautious and be safe as you could be interrupted while casting it.

Income and items

As we have mentioned, killing an enemy champion, minion or structure grants gold that can be used for items in the fountain’s shop.

Gold’s ultimate purpose is to allow players flexibility in their stat growth, and their play styles. There are many items that can be used to increase damage, utility, and survivability.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of items and how to build them, we recommend that you check out our LoL Item Guide series.

2. LoL Champion Basics

Let’s talk about champions now that we have an understanding of the map. Because champions are often the most popular players in League of Legends, they’re what makes League of Legends truly special.

Summoner’s Rift remains constant. However, the combinations of champions chosen by the ten players can create very different rhythms.

There are currently 140 champions. Each champion represents a different style and experience. Some are easy and simple, while others can take you a few hundred games to master. There’s a champion out there for everyone, no matter what your preference is.

We’ll be discussing different aspects of champions in the following sections.

Abilities and Auto-attacks

All champions have auto-attacks and other abilities. When a player clicks right on a target, it triggers an auto-attack. This will cause the champion to attack a target continuously until it dies.

Abilities can be cast using Q, W and E. Each champion has unique abilities for each one of these buttons. Below is Ashe’s W. Volley in action:

All champions have access to Summoner Spells, which are two abilities that can be used with D and F. These abilities are entirely up to the player, and we’ll talk more about them later.

Champions can use the number keys 1-7 to cast abilities such as Redemption or Tiamat.