Financial Planning

At the heart of any family office is consolidation of family businesses and investment management. However, a smart innovative family office can provide several other services which ensures from training and education to ensuring that best practices are followed in family governance. Appended below is the possible full range of services a mature family office could potentially provide.

Investment Management Services

Typically, this will be the main reason for setting up a family office, as it is central to ensuring wealth preservation. Our services include:
  • Evaluation of the overall financial situation.
  • Determining the investment objectives and philosophy of the family.
  • Determining risk profiles and investment horizons.
  • Asset allocation – deciding on the mix between capital market and non-capital market investments.
  • Supporting banking relationships. Managing liquidity for the family.
  • Providing due diligence on investments and external managers.

Philanthropic Management

An increasingly important part of the role of a family office is managing its philanthropic efforts. This might include the establishment and management of a foundation, and advice on donating to charitable causes. Our services would typically involve:

  • Philanthropic planning.
  • . Assistance with the establishment and administration of charitable institutions.
  • Guidance in planning a donation strategy.
  • Advice on the technical and operational management of charities.
  • Formation of grant-making foundations and trusts.
  • Organizing charitable activities and related due diligence.

Life Management and Budgeting

Some of Our services are typically defined as concierge in nature, but they are broader in scope in as much as they also include budgeting services. Services under this heading include:

  • Club (golf, private, etc.) memberships.
  • Management of properties, private jets and yachts.
  • Budget services, including wealth reviews, analysis of short- and medium-term liquidity requirements, and long-term objectives.
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