Wealth – Planning & Management

These services include diagnosis of your overall financial situation, defining the family’s investment objectives, establishing risk profile and investment horizon.

Monitoring and Reporting

These services include consolidated reporting of global bank accounts ,consolidation and reporting of all family assets (including non-bankable assets).

International Tax Planning

These services include double-tax treaty planning for family-owned companies and real estate, local and international tax advice, fiscal company migration.

Trustee and Corporate Services

These services include advice on issues of company incorporation, management in various jurisdictions and managing family shareholdings.

Charity & Philanthropy

These services include philanthropic planning, assistance and guidance in the establishment and administration of charitable foundations.

International Relocation Services

These services include analyzing tax and other benefits of international relocation, support with change of domicile.

Real Estate Services

These services include real estate advisory and bespoke property search, access to off-market luxury properties and creating a property portfolio services.

Aircraft, Yachts, Art etc.

These services include support with acquisition and sale of yachts, aircraft, (classic) cars, horses and other valuables (Passion investments).

Business Support

These service include merger & acquisition advisory, support with initial public offerings (IPO), structured finance and partner matching.


These services include evaluating a portfolio of insurances and implementing new insurance policies, renegotiating and amending existing policies.

Budget & Cash Flow Management

These services include assessing actual wealth and current income, diagnosis of short- and medium-term liquidity requirements, determining long-term goals

Administrative Support

These services include support with general legal issues Document & record management, accounting and bookkeeping

Family/General Support

These services include travel arrangements, private secretary services, concierge services, hiring domestic staff and managing household employees.

Estate and wealth transfer

These service include wealth protection, transfer analysis, and planning related to the management of all types of assets and income sources.

Financial Planning

These services include evaluation of the overall financial situation, determining the investment objectives and philosophy of the family.

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